A downloadable game for Windows

First of all, game may need a 1920x1080 res to work properly, I'm really sorry about that.

The New Necromancy is a narrative-focused RTS. Thia build was released for /agdg/ Demo Day 10 jam.

This game is in a very early stage in development. Collisions, minimap are not implemented and sprites and assets are placeholders.

What you are about to play in this demo will be the first map in the full game campaign when it's hopefully done.

I am currently working on this title alone, and I'm in need of an artist. If you are interested, you can mail me your works at thenewnecromancy@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading, downloading the demo and bother playing it, hope you enjoy.


The_New_Necromancy_Alpha_0_1.rar 27 MB


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I really like how this is going. And love the fact you can summon as much as you want and they stay till death. Too many games want to destory what it means to be a summoner by giving you one really weak summon or a lot of weak temperary ones or one super powered one that dies as soon as more then 2 things attack it. I like that in this you seem to be a proper necromancer/summoner.

i liked it :3